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Millions of
potential customers
are on the Web each day.

It's Not About Cost,
If your Host is "Down"
They Won't be Able
to Find You.

Website Hosting ... 

Website Hosting is available at almost every price. But if your hosting service is down, your viewers can't find you. And if they can't find you, they will quickly find someone else. 

We offer a variety of Website Hosting Solutions with 99% up-time. No matter what your budget may be, we have a website hosting solution to fit your needs. We would be glad to explain your options and help you choose the Web Hosting Solution that's right for you!


Small Business Wordpress Website Hosting is our specialty, we employ the most powerful virtual server product technology available today. We offer the largest available disk allowance and unmetered bandwidth usage.

  Our Commercial Website service boasts a long list of features that are simply unmatched by any other products or services on the market. Our services are designed for the small to mid-sized business that wants maximum capacity and capability for a minimum price. Not only is it our best value, it's our best seller.
  Our Website Hosting Features Include:

  • 2 GB of Storage Space
  • Your Own Domain Name
  • Free Server Technical Support
  • Password protected FTP Access
  • Microsoft Front Page Extension Support
  • Unlimited Email Aliasing
  • Up to five private email accounts
  • Personal Anonymous FTP Server
  • Unmetered Hits and Transfers
  • HTML Script Support
  • JAVA and JAVA Script Support
  • Virtual Hosting Support
  • Access to MIME Types to Add New Functionality as Necessary
  • Data Backups  (Optional)
  • SSL Secure Server Support  (Optional)
  • Real Audio Support  (Optional)


Shared Domain Hosting for your Internet presence is a very cost effective alternative to a full commercial Website. If your business or organization is interested in creating an Internet presence, but doesn't feel the need for a full blow Website, this option is for you. This option offers you a low cost way to advertise your products and services on one of our existing web sites, where thousands of Internet users will find out about you. We can also register these sites with the major Internet search services and getting them optimized can be done as well. 

What You Need to know About Web Hosting !

A good web hosting service plays an important role when it comes to your visitor's positive experience with your business. 

Good service providers always give you an up-time guarantee. This is one of the most essential features of good service provider.

Other factors that you need to consider  before you purchase web hosting service are:

 - Unlimited bandwidth: Popular sites get thousands of visitors. If you do not have unlimited bandwidth, a surge in traffic could end up eating up your profits.

- Ample Storage: Make sure that the amount of storage space is sufficient for your needs, now and into the future.

- Customer service: It is the back bone of any web host service. They must provide customer support either on phone or chat.

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